Streetwise is a partnership between CST and Maccabi GB

CST is a registered charity in England & Wales (1042391) & Scotland (SC043612).

Maccabi GB is a registered charity in England & Wales (1098206).

Created by 8original | 2018 

Streetwise Personal Safety sessions are delivered by Streetwise facilitators and CST's personal safety instructors in primary and secondary schools, as well as in youth movements and community organisations. Streetwise delivers Personal Safety sessions to over 4,000 young people each year.

In June & July, Streetwise delivers its 'Transition to Secondary school' programme in over 36 Jewish Primary schools nationwide. This programme is in two parts and it includes a drama-based personal development session on the hopes, expectations and concerns about moving to Secondary school, as well as a personal safety session about road awareness, public transport and gaining independence.

Streetwise personal safety sessions cover a wide range of topics, from street awareness and road safety, to learning about what constitutes a 'good stranger', to self defence and krav maga. The sessions work on building blocks, training young people to become street wise and see a dangerous situation before this escalates.