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Teaching 6th formers about the wonders of the workplace!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020


In today’s competitive job market it is vital that students coming to the end of their school education consider the best ways to make themselves employable, whether it be for holiday jobs, internships or post-school or graduate employment. Resource and Streetwise provide a series of free workshops to support students in their preparation for employment.

Workshop aims:

  1. To gain a better understanding of how to prepare to enter the job market, and what to consider when applying for jobs

  2. To provide the essential knowledge to further student’s chances in the job market

  3. To increase student’s confidence in dealing with prospective employers

Relevant PSHE Education Programme of Study objectives:

  • To evaluate their own personal strengths and areas for development and to use this to inform goal setting

  • How their strengths, interests, skills and qualities are changing and how these relate to future employability

  • About the information, advice and guidance available to them and how to access it

  • To further develop study and employability skills (including time management, self-organisation and presentation, project planning, team-working, networking and managing online presence)

  • About the range of opportunities available to them for career progression, including in education, training and employment

  • About changing patterns of employment (local, national, European and global)

  • To take full advantage of any opportunities for work experience that are available

  • To develop their career identity, including how to maximise their chances when applying for education or employment opportunities

Workshop Structure:

· One 1-hour workshop with form-groups of 20-30 Year 12 students

· The workshop is fully interactive, it uses Power Point presentation and prompts an open dialogue between young people, supported by trained facilitators from Resource and Streetwise

· Methods such as role plays and filling out blank CVs keep the students fully engaged and participated throughout.

· Feedback and evaluation forms will be filled in by students and teachers following the session

· The session is free of charge. It will be delivered by facilitators who hold valid, enhanced DBS checks, and have completed Child Protection training

if you wish to book an Employability Workshop for your school, please email

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