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Clore Shalom School

The sessions that streetwise run for us in school are invaluable. The children all respond so positively to the youth workers and are really engaged in the activities. As well as Streetwise running regular sessions for us, they are also quick to respond to ad-hoc sessions when the need arises.  Last year our Year 5 pupils were having some issues with virtual chat rooms and after some consultation with Nathan he quickly arranged a parent information workshop and a pupil workshop so that all family members were aware of E-safety precautions.  The feedback form the parents and pupils was extremely positive and allowed for some productive discussions around internet use and age appropriate apps. We look forward to our continued relationship with Streetwise.


Watford Grammar School for Boys

We value the importance of the work that streetwise does. In our 10 years of collaboration, we have seen the boys who work with Yvie and her team develop into well rounded individuals. They become students passionate about making a difference, teenagers who want to give back and most importantly become worldly people ready for their adult lives.


Chief Executive


Resource is proud to collaborate with Talia and her team at Streetwise on the delivery of Employability Skills workshops.  We love Talia’s energy and enthusiasm, and her ability to communicate difficult topics to children in a meaningful way is first-rate.   There is no doubt that meticulous preparation for entering the world of work - whether it be internships, summer holiday work or a career – is the key to success, and the students who attend the Employability Skills workshops receive an excellent foundation to set them well on their way.




Stand Up plays a crucial role in working with students to tackle both antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred. There are some core strengths to Stand Up and these include committed and dedicated facilitators and trainers who care about both of these areas with a passion, but they also believe that working in silos on just one issue may not be the only solution to tackling issues of hatred, prejudice and intolerance. We are proud to be partners of the Stand Up project and their work in schools has meant that many young people are reaching out to other communities and going beyond their comfort zones. This makes the work of Stand Up, extremely valuable.


Deputy Headteacher

Hasmonean Primary School

Streetwise has been working with several classes at Hasmonean Primary for many years. They have run e-safety sessions, anti-bullying assemblies and secondary school readiness workshops. Feedback from the children following all of these sessions has always been positive. Pupils are able to talk about what they have learnt and how they will put the lessons into practice. The Streetwise presenters are successful in getting their important educational messages across in an informal and enjoyable way for the children. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.


Operations Manager

Maccabi GB Scotland

Streetwise provide a relevant education to the young people in our community that is invaluable.  Last year they ran a  very successful seminar on anti-Semitism that the teenagers could relate to.


Bury & Whitefield Jewish Primary School


We have been using Streetwise for years and they are marvelous with the children and produce excellent materials and give sound advice


Director of Youth & Children, Kinloss

Here at Kinloss we have been working with Streetwise for the last five years. They have run sessions on self-defense, bullying, social media awareness and security for our Learn2Lead programme (school years 9 & 10). These sessions are of the highest standard and are invaluable tool in teaching the life and leadership skills we are instilling within our teenagers.


Director of Strategy 


Streetwise is a fantastic project. It has been a part of our UJIA JAMS programme in non-Jewish schools for many years, and all the feedback we get from J-Soc members is hugely positive. As life gets ever-more complicated for young people, the sensitive, sensible support they get from a Streetwise session is invaluable.


Head of Citizenship

Nower Hill High School

As a teacher at Nower Hill,I have worked with Streetwise at for many years. They have delivered Community Leadership programmes for our students involving highly motivational workshops and activities that have brought students from many faiths and backgrounds together. They have always been incredibly well organised as well as flexible, delivering cleverly –prepared activities that are consistently- inspirational for the students involved. Even as an experienced teacher, I have learned a lot from the dedicated team at Streetwise about how to motivate and engage young people. The positive outcomes for the students involved have been nothing short of incredible.


Informal Jewish Educator

Yavneh College

Nathan & his team at Maccabi GB have run a number of sessions to Year 13 students at Yavneh College as part of an Advanced Leadership Course, preparing them for life after school. The particular focus was antisemitism education.
Students benefitted greatly from the sessions as they were encouraged to get involved and ask questions. Topics including discrimination, the equality act & where antisemitism comes from were all covered in the first session. In a follow up session, conspiracy theories were covered so that students could see how powerful they are and how quickly they spread.
Students left the sessions feeling more confident in being able to know where to turn to should they find themselves engaged in more difficult dialogue and topics.
Thank you to Adam, particularly as a past pupil of the school, for sharing your experiences of life on campus and how you dealt with certain situations. Students benefitted greatly from hearing first hand from you. Thank you Nathan for making these powerful & important sessions and discussions possible for our year 13 students. 

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