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New Beginnings Programme 


The Streetwise Year 6 Transition to Secondary school programme engages over 3,000 Year 6s in Jewish Primary schools across the country each year, as they prepare to leave primary school and move onto secondary school.


During these unprecedented times, Streetwise have created the 'New Beginnings' campaign; the campaign will meet the needs of this specific cohort and provide them with clear, engaging and positive direction at a time that they need it most. We, of course, are aware that our direct engagement in schools may be affected; however, the design of 'New Beginnings' enables Streetwise to work with young people, teachers and parents in a number of creative and engaging ways.

  • ​Interactive zoom webinars directly with Year 6 classes (Either in school or whilst at home) facilitated by the Streetwise team

  • Resource packs with recorded sessions, worksheets and personal safety videos for class teachers to deliver

  • A range of Personal Safety & travelling to School videos created by young Streetwise  leaders available on our website and social media channels (Facebook Twitter)

  • A range of activities and resources for parents to do at home with their children

For more information and to make a booking email


“Thank you very much for the session this morning. The children will have gained a lot from it. Now more than ever, it is great for them to see ‘another face’ reassuring them and discussing issues that are important to them. The children remained engaged and participated and also have the posters/ notes they made to keep with them. I think the timing of the session is good and I liked the inclusion of a Q/A section to allow the children time to ask what they needed to.

Thanks again both of you!  Take care"


Mrs Kobak

Deputy headteacher & SENCO

Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School”

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