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Relationships & Sex Education

Streetwise is the only organisation in the UK to deliver RSE National Curriculum to Jewish schools. It holds a unique position in the world of Jewish education by teaching these sensitive topics across many denominations, reaching over 4,000 young people each year in the process. Streetwise took over the educational curriculum of JAT (Jewish Action and Training for Sexual Health) in 2012.


Since then, it has delivered sessions on a variety of sexual health topics for Year 5 to Year 13 using the guidelines of the PSHE Association and Sex Education Forum, approved by the Department of Education. At the same time, Streetwise RSE sessions respect and promote the Jewish ethos of the schools across the Jewish Communal denominations.


The primary school sessions enhance the students' knowledge and understanding of puberty and reproduction as well as peer pressure and body image.  

The secondary school sessions cover a variety of topics, from boundaries in relationships, to body image, to myths & facts about sexual health. In KS4 our sessions discuss consent, STIs and HIV, as well as healthy relationships and sexual health on university campus, amongst other topics.


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