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Antisemitism & PERSONAL SAFETY

Streetwise Personal Safety sessions are delivered by trained Streetwise facilitators and CST's personal safety instructors in primary and secondary schools, as well as in youth movements and community organisations. Streetwise delivers Personal Safety sessions to over 4,000 young people each year.

Streetwise together with its sister project 'Stand Up! Education against Discrimination', delivers antisemitism & anti-discrimination education (also focusing on anti-Muslim hate) to young Jewish people in secondary schools from the age of 12 to 18. Streetwise also delivers sessions on antisemitism education to young, Jewish people that do not attend Jewish schools - in JSocs, Synagogues, communal organisations, summer camps and youth movements.


The session uses a variety of resources and the issue of antisemitism is framed in a broader conversation about racism and discrimination, as well as British Values.

To report an incident of antisemitism, click here or call CST on 0800 032 3263


For young Jewish people and/or teachers at mainstream schools that are experiencing Antisemitism please contact our partners at Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination


October 2023:

At Streetwise – a partnership project between Maccabi GB and CST - we strive to equip the young people in our community with the knowledge and confidence to keep themselves safe and better protected. As such, we are dedicated to support you and your students in the coming days and weeks to develop their personal safety skills. 


We know from previous conflicts in Israel, that spikes in antisemitic hate crime incidents take place here at home and often affect young people and school settings. We aim to educate and give young people the correct tools and skills to be safer and know what to do if they come across antisemitism of any kind, both on and offline.  


As such we will be offering every Jewish primary and secondary school in the country a range of assemblies and classroom sessions, focusing on personal safety, street awareness and how to report antisemitism. We would kindly advise whole-school assemblies for primary schools and year-group assemblies for secondary schools. These sessions will not include political content.  






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