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Primary schools
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Streetwise Personal Safety sessions are delivered by trained Streetwise facilitators and CST's personal safety instructors in primary and secondary schools, as well as in youth movements and community organisations. Streetwise delivers Personal Safety sessions to over 4,000 young people each year.

Streetwise together with its sister project 'Stand Up! Education against Discrimination', delivers antisemitism & anti-discrimination education (also focusing on anti-Muslim hate) to young Jewish people in secondary schools from the age of 12 to 18. Streetwise also delivers sessions on antisemitism education to young, Jewish people that do not attend Jewish schools - in JSocs, Synagogues, communal organisations, summer camps and youth movements.


The session uses a variety of resources and the issue of antisemitism is framed in a broader conversation about racism and discrimination, as well as British Values.

To report an incident of antisemitism, click here or call CST on 0800 032 3263


For young Jewish people and/or teachers at mainstream schools that are experiencing Antisemitism please contact our partners at Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination


The following programmes can be taught to all primary school students, for more age-specific programmes please scroll down.

Streetwise delivers Anti-Bullying sessions for young people in Reception to Year 6, as well as offering KS1 & KS2 assemblies.

With Anti Bullying Week taking place 14th – 18th November, Streetwise will be running its Anti Bullying Programmes throughout the month of November (but not exclusively). Streetwise is a core member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

The aims of this programme are:

•    To define bullying
•    For pupils to understand what bullying is and to recognise the different forms it may take
•    To look at our own behaviour in relation to bullying
•    How to respond to bullying 

This relates directly to the following PSHE National Curriculum targets:

2. Preparing to play an active role as citizens
c) to realise the consequences of anti-social and aggressive behaviours, such as bullying and racism, on individuals and communities
3. Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle
f) that pressure to behave in an unacceptable or risky way can come from a variety of sources, including people they know, and how to ask for help and use basic techniques for resisting pressure to do wrong
4. Developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people.
a) that their actions affect themselves and others, to care about other people's feelings and to try to see things from their points of view
d)  to realise the nature and consequences of racism, teasing, bullying and aggressive behaviours, and how to respond to them and ask for help

age-specific curriculum 

Antisemitism Assembly

This assembly lasts 40 minutes.

This assembly can be run at any point in the year and is designed to help young people understand what discrimination and Antisemitism is and how they can report incidences they see on and offline.

•    What Antisemitism is
•    What examples of Antisemitism are
•    How to report

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