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Leadership training is a key part of the work carried out by Streetwise; we deliver two main Leadership programmes: ‘Leadership by Streetwise’ - a national Sports Leadership Programme and an Interfaith Community Leadership Programme with the Alan Senitt Trust.


Streetwise also runs a number of bespoke community leadership courses to synagogues and youth clubs. Our Leadership programmes exist to train young people to become confident and active leaders in their communities and sports organisations, gaining leadership skills that will serve them throughout their lives.


Leadership by Streetwise

Leadership by Streetwise is a unique four year sports leadership programme delivered by Streetwise and the Community’s key sports, health & wellbeing provider, Maccabi GB. The programme is accredited by Sports Leaders UK and offers an ideal opportunity for participants aged 14 - 18 to discover their full potential, acquiring skills in sports leadership whilst meeting new people from across the country. Leadership gives participants the qualifications and skills needed to lead sports sessions, coach teams and run sporting events, inspiring the community through their passion for sport. Graduates of Leadership by Streetwise have taken management roles at Maccabi GB international events as well as sports tournaments, sports clubs and the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run.

The Alan Senitt Upstanders Leadership Programme       


This programme includes 10 secondary schools and 100 students from across London. It is a great mix of leadership training, interfaith, inter-communal work and social action projects, which truly benefit the schools’ surrounding communities.


With many different faith, single sex, grammar and comprehensive schools, the programme brings together young people from very different backgrounds who share a passion for learning and volunteering for the benefit of their local communities. The ultimate aim of the programme is to plan, create, and deliver a social action project in the local community.

The Alan Senitt Upstanders Leadership programme is currently being delivered by our sister project, Stand Up! Education against discrimination. For more information about the programme please click here!


Leadership by Streetwise is supported by the Jewish Youth Fund