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Leadership, 'Hands on'

Between our winter and spring residential events, during February half term, Leadership by Streetwise delivers a number of ‘Hands-on’ events, which provide our trainee leaders with practical training and leadership opportunities, delivered to and in partnership with organisations and charities who benefit from an afternoon of sporting activities expertly delivered by enthusiastic young sports leaders. This half term, 46 of our participants took part in 4 ‘Hands-on’ events with Langdon Brady, Jewish Care, Redbridge JCC and a Community event with Maccabi GB.

On Tuesday, young members of Langdon Brady youth club, aged 12-19 with learning disabilities took part in an afternoon of sports activities, led by 11 of our young sports leaders. The aim of the afternoon was to improve the participants’ hand-eye co-ordination and teamwork skills; they were able to effectively meet their aims through a 2 hour programme consisting of a netball shoot-out game, relay racing and throwing and catching activities. The theme for the session was ‘Winter Olympics’ and the young leaders were able to incorporate education into their activity, by introducing the different sports played at the Winter Olympic Games and engaging the participants through the competitive edge of the games.

The second ‘Hands-on’ event took place on Wednesday at Jewish Care’s Michael Sobel Centre. 10 Leadership participants delivered an afternoon of sessions to 18 elderly members of the day centre. In the morning the training focused on seated aerobics and a dance class from which our leaders had to take inspiration, to then create the afternoon session for the members. The group went on to plan a 3 part programme starting with seated yoga, bowls style skills activity and a big target shoot-out game. The session was well received by all that took part, the new centre manager was impressed and keen to work with us again she said “…we greatly appreciate the thought and effort both you and your team put into the programme. Our members really enjoyed it. From my perspective it was a resounding success, so thank you…”.

Thursday’s ‘Hands-on’ Event was at Redbridge JCC with 35 of their 4 – 11 year olds. We had 8 sports leaders, 6 of whom were from our Level 1 group, therefore taking part in their first volunteering experience. After an extremely productive morning of training, focused on delivering sporting activities to children – one of the most important units of the Sports Leaders UK Levels 1,2 and 3 accreditation, the leaders planned and delivered a fantastic 2 hour activity. Their warm up activity was a big dance class; they then taught sports skills through a round robin of mini activities. The main game was an adaptation of a football style game which the leaders played on the first residential trip in December. The afternoon programme ended with another dance class for their cool down as they saw how engaged and excited the young children were at the start.

On Friday morning, 6 of our leaders took part in Maccabi GB’s first ever Toddles and Tea event. With over 50 toddlers attending the successful event, their roles consisted of manning some of the stations for the event. From face painting to helping on the arts & crafts table, from delivering mini sports games to helping on the soft play and bouncy castle and being a friendly face and an extra pair of hands. Each of the young leaders took on their role with a smile and supported the Maccabi GB staff who were running the event, bringing huge enthusiasm to the event and thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process.

The week’s events finished with Sunday’s ‘Hands-on’ event for our eldest group, the Level 3, H2 participants. The group planned the Saturday night programme that they will be delivering to the younger years at the upcoming residential weekend in March. After many discussion and bouncing ideas around, they planned a well thought out and high standard activity that will surely be one of the weekend’s highlights.

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